Ford Scorpio Police Car

Police Ford Scorpio
Police Ford Scorpio Rear

The Scorpio was originally the highest spec of the Ford Granada model, the Ford Granada Scorpio. In other European countries the Mark 3 Granada was already known as the Scorpio, so this was a move designed to align the European range branding.

The Scorpio was launched in 1994, but only lasted until 1998 as its unpopular looks meant it wasn't a big seller. The Scorpio had been described by Top Gear at the time as "So heroically ugly, it was obviously designed by Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder."

The Scorpio was not that poplar with the UK police forces either despite being a large, relatively cheap car that was comfortable on motorways and had a good range of larger petrol engines from 2.0 to 2.9 litre Cosworth 24v unit, and a 2.5 litre diesel - a few pictures of Scorpio Police cars are above.